Need a business card with a Words & Unwords design on it?  Don't want to pay the prices of the main Words & Unwords vendor for business cards?  No problem, as there are other vendors who can provide business cards at a lower cost than what is available via the main vendor website.  

This applies to any design via Words & Unwords or Unfinished Polis.  

The following are options for anyone in the lower 48 United States:

Business Cards:
1 or 2 sided; if desiring a 2nd side, provide a description/artwork of the 2nd side of business card or this side will be left blank
Full Color Glossy Or Matte
16PT White Card Stock
Size: 2 inches by 3.5 inches
Revisions allowed: 2 (included with price).  In other words, you can provide me with business card information/graphics and you have 2 opportunities to make revisions/comments to make sure the business cards are suited for your needs.  
Turnaround Time: After the design is done and your approval is provided on the final image (must have your approval on final work before it can be sent to the printer), it will take approximately 2 to 4 weekdays for printing and 5 to 7 business days for shipping (excluding holidays).  No rush orders allowed.  I'm guessing the total turnaround time from contacting me to receiving the product will be a shade under 3 weeks.  

Shipping is from across the 48 Lower States and cannot be predicted ahead of time.  

Prices are as follows:
500 Business Cards: $50.00 (10 cents per business card)
1000 Business Cards: $70.00 (7 cents per business card)
2500 Business Cards: $110.00 (4.4 cents per business card)
5000 Business Cards: $150.00 (3 cents per business card)

If you'd like to have the original finished file(s) to print with your own vendor either instead of going through Words and Unwords or in addition to placing an order, the file (jpeg, png, etc.) will cost $100.00.  You'll need to sign a document noting that the filed with Words & Unwords design along with your customized information will be used for business cards only.  

Payments will be accepted via PayPal only.  So, if you're in the mood for a dose of scientific attitude with a Words & Unwords (or Unfinished Polis) business card (any design), send an e-mail (wordsunwords plus the "at" sign with your specifications with "Customized Business Cards Request" in the subject line.