Meiosis Outcomes Will Vary Biology Humor

Meiosis is the cellular division process whereby the number of chromosomes per cell is cut in half. Anyone with gametes will enjoy any of these wry biological humor gifts featuring the process of meiosis along with the scientific truism saying "Meiosis - Outcomes Will Vary". Make others do a double-take with definitional scientific attitude today with any of these educational tongue-in-cheek meiosis saying gifts!

Morphogenesis Inside (Drosophilia Fruit Fly)

Showcase your scientific side with a dose of educational, scientific fun with any of these gifts featuring the homeobox genes of the Drosophilia (fruit fly) along with the caption "Morphogenesis Inside". Morphogenesis is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. No need to be a developmental biologist to enjoy!
Morphogenesis Inside Drosophila / Fruit Fly Genes Commuter Bag
Morphogenesis Inside Drosophila / Fruit Fly Genes Commuter Bag by wordsunwords
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Heterotroph You Are Here Flow Chart Biology Humor

You are a heterotroph -- not an autotroph. Showcase this biological fact with this flow chart diagram poster, with the "You Are Here" callout pointing toward heterotroph. Biology humor poster for all who know that they cannot produce food on their own!