Nikola Tesla Capacity Of The Earth What Charge Does It Contain If Electrified Quote

Nikola Tesla, father of today's wireless society and inventor of the radio, once asked the following: "A point of great importance would be first to know what is the capacity of the earth? And what charge does it contain if electrified?" Electrical engineers, scientists, physicists, inventors, and those into electricity and magnetic forces will enjoy this philosophical and scientific quote on any of these gifts! Timeless question for all those who know about alternate currents!

Magnetosphere Shielding The Earth From The Solar Wind

No need to be an earth scientist to enjoy any of these gifts featuring an illustration of Earth's magnetosphere. If Earth was not like a big magnet, we would all be toast. Showcase your educational, scientific side with any of these gifts with the memorable picture of the Sun's solar wind blasting Earth with the saying "Magnetosphere Shielding The Earth From The Solar Wind"!